Alphabet ends up working with Starbucks

American Alphabet Company, which Google belongs to, has terminated its cooperation with Starbucks. The case concerns the Wing Project, which plans to create a service that provides customers with coffee with drones.

Drones are still used mainly for entertainment, but there are already several initiatives where unmanned airborne vehicles are also used for work. One such idea is called Project Wing and is being implemented by the American concern Alphabet, which belongs to Google.

The Alphabet is aiming to launch an air delivery service, but not all of the ideas involved will be realized. One of the company’s designs was to use drones to carry drugs as well as medical devices such as defibrillators. Dron would quickly provide such a defibrillator to the scene of the accident, which would help to save his victim’s life. This idea was, however, abandoned. Identical to the idea of ​​working with Starbucks.

Alphabet wanted to work with a well-known cafes network, offering coffee to customers with unmanned coffee. This idea is also unsuccessful to realize. The bone of contention became apparently access to customer data.

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