First bionic prosthetic foot

Engineers and scientists around the world have already been successful in the field of bionic prosthetics, but most are palm and arm prostheses. However, a team of European researchers has developed a Cyberlegs system for people who have lost their leg just above their knees.

This is not the typical bioprosthesis we’ve seen so far, but something like an exoskeleton that allows a person to move normally. The system consists of body-worn mechanisms in the pelvis area, combined with a technologically advanced, mechanical limb. It is therefore a device that is less comfortable than a typical bioprosthesis and the functionality of the device is somewhat limited.

On the other hand, Cyberlegs allows you to move almost effortlessly and easily back and forth, use the stairs and get up and sit down as the system assists in all these activities. The device was naturally equipped with extensive anti-fall algorithms. The system continuously calculates body movement, as well as the forces acting on the legs and the ground, so that the patient does not have to worry about losing his balance.

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