Iphone 6 prototype sold for 11 thousand dollars

A few weeks ago, on eBay, a prototype of iPhone 6 was released. The device enjoyed great interest and the value of the deals was almost $ 100k, but the auction was removed. It recently re-appeared and this time it managed to sell this device for $ 11k.

I recall that at the auction was exhibited iPhone 6 prototype equipped with 64 GB of usable memory. Its owner claimed to have received the device from the Verizon network. The customer ordered the phone in the phone, but as a result of the mistake, instead of the commercial version of the device received a strange model, which has many custom applications installed. The back panel also lacked typical FCC markings, and the charging port was red.

So he came to the conclusion that he had received a prototype, so he decided not to return it to the operator because he thought he could earn a lot on it. The first attempt to sell ended in failure and the auction was deleted, but the transaction was completed the next time.

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