Leaves 191 million Americans voting

Americans have long had serious problems with the security of their citizens’ data, which is confirmed by the numerous computer hacking scams in which massive amounts of personal information were stolen. The latest burglary may, however, have far more serious consequences, as it has leaked the database of voters.

In the end of the year in the United States, there were a number of computer hacking cases where hackers stole tens of millions of customer personal details, including their credit card numbers. Still, local businesses still do not pay much attention to the protection of their information, and worse yet, data that is also stolen from government systems, as illustrated by the recent leak of 191 million Americans taking part in the election.

The discovery was made by specialist Chris Vickery, who found his data in the said database, but despite the increased efforts, he failed to detect the source of the leak. Interestingly, law enforcement agencies are not interested in removing this database from the network, which clearly shows their disregard for citizens. Experts tried to contact the FBI about this, but they did not receive any response, which could have led to an action on the issue.

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