Light and comfortable tablet stand

Choiix Wave Stand is a convenient tablet and e-reader stand that can easily be used with iPad, Galapagos, Playbook, GalaxyTabem or eBook reader.

The stand construction allows the user to tilt the screen according to the user’s needs – from landscape orientation to vertical (0-135 °). This makes it easy to watch movies or use your tablet as a multimedia photo frame. The middle arm is hinged to allow the tablet to be positioned at the desired angle, and the robust design ensures that even with frequent use, the mechanism will not be damaged.

Once the tablet is positioned in the desired position, the anti-skid pads firmly hold it in place without the risk of falling or shifting. Thanks to its moving arm, small dimensions and aluminum construction, the Choiix Wave Stand is exceptionally light and uncomfortable in transport. The original design and shape referring to the wave are its additional advantages.

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