Netflix improves movie subtitles

The Netflix platform wants to be even more accessible to people using different languages. That’s why a new tool called HERMES has been announced, which will improve the quality of subtitles for movies and serials.

Netflix is ​​an international platform, which means that content is available worldwide and viewed by viewers of different languages. The materials themselves are also sometimes in different languages, so you need to use subtitles to understand what the characters are saying.

However, the level of translation is different, so Neflix wants to improve it. The company has just announced a new tool called HERMES, which in the future should significantly improve the quality of translations available in the form of subtitles. HERMES will not prepare it himself, as it is a test platform for subtitle translators. The aim of the action is to better understand the context and therefore better translation should be made.

So far, Netflix has outsourced third-party translations, so it was virtually impossible to maintain an adequate level of quality. HERMES is going to change this, meticulously testing candidates who want to translate subtitles.

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