Popular camera drones

Drones have become very popular last years. Originally used by the military, today they provide great entertainment for the civilians. Currently there are many models of this device on the market – one more professional, special recordings, other dedicated to amateurs. Thanks to them, everyone can capture unforgettable moments from an interesting bird’s eye view, although more fun is the flight itself than the perpetuation of views in pictures or movies. Drones are also a great option for people who do sports or concert photography. Thanks to them, nothing will escape your mind. Besides, adding a few sky frames to your film will definitely diversify the material.

Below are some drones that are the most popular models among advanced users as well as amateurs.

Unforgettable flying experience and great dose of great entertainment will provide you with Overmax X Bee Drone 3.1. The Dron comes with a 2 megapixel camera and allows us to take pictures from up to 100 meters and shoot movies from the bird’s eye view. The 3 replacement 700 mAh batteries are included in the kit, which guarantees up to 40 minutes of great entertainment. In addition, the dron has a 2GB memory card, so you do not have to drop your stuff on your computer after each adventure. The manufacturer took care of the special design, equipping the device with a 6-axis gyroscope and a solid four propellers that provide dron a stable and safe flight and the ability to perform aerial acrobatics. Another plus is that in the assortment we also find 8 spare propellers. In addition to drones and spare items, there is also a remote control, adapter, screwdriver and 2 USB charging cables.

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