Samsung will not pay Apple 400 million

The US Supreme Court has been on the side of Samsung in a patent dispute with Apple over the years. The case was sent back to the lower court. The Korean giant will not have to pay more than $ 400 million in compensation for the time being.

There is still no end to the patent dispute brought by Apple and Samasung. The American company accuses its rival that it has copied its patented design and solutions and applied them in its own products. The process concerns the shape of the smartphone enclosure, including rounded corners.

Apple initially won billions of dollars in compensation in this dispute, but the appeals filed by Samsung lawyers lowered that amount to $ 400 million. The federal court found that the Cupertino company should be compensated for this, as Samsung copied the patented solution by earning it. Part of the profits should be given to a company that owns patented solutions.

Samsung disagreed with the court decision, so the case was recently brought to the Supreme Court, which stood on the South Korean side. Judge John Roberts overturned the federal court’s decision because it found that patent infringement could affect only individual components, not the device as a whole, so there can be no way to compensate for the smartphone’s sales. So the case was re-examined.

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