Siri distracted the attention of drivers

The task of hands-free kits or virtual assistants such as Siri, should theoretically be to make sure that the driver while driving will focus his full attention on the road. Meanwhile, it turns out that it is completely different, and Apple’s Siri assistant was ranked first in the list of elements of the most distracting drivers.

According to a recent survey conducted by the AAA Foundation, driving and using voice-based devices is causing more distraction than we might think. The study was conducted on 45 drivers, asking them to perform different tasks using different voice control systems. Their result turned out to be surprising, as Siri distracted most of the other devices, causing the driver to miss the signs or the lights.

Apparently, Siri is a complex technology and less intuitive compared to other voice assistants. Researchers measured the level of interaction with Siri when sending and receiving text messages, emails, and status updates on social networking sites.

The reason for the attention of drivers is that Siri reacts very differently to the same commands. An assistant needs to say the exact phrase to complete specific tasks and only slight deviations cause the task not to execute properly. The driver needs to repeat them and instead of the road, he focuses his attention on the phone.

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