The Chinese have finished designing a new SNN submarine

Until recently, the Western media was able to mock the Chinese Army equipment, but it is getting better and better every year. And it can not be ruled out that it will soon match the quality of Western armaments.

The latest Chinese submarine of the SNN class, whose design has just been completed, will certainly help to improve the combat effectiveness of the Chinese army. The message was confirmed by Tan Zuojun, the former CEO of China State Shipbuilding Corporation.

According to NATO terminology, SSN class ships are nuclear-powered submarines, whose main purpose is to destroy submarine submarines. In addition to attacks on vessels, such ships can be used for routine intelligence tasks and for destroying land targets with onboard maneuvers.

The new unit has been significantly improved compared to previous versions. First and foremost, the increased power of destruction, this multi-purpose ship, in addition to combating underwater and surface targets, will also be able to effectively target ground targets.

Its biggest advantage will be the low sound level, which will become more difficult to detect by the opponent’s sonar. To achieve this level, the machine has been equipped with a quiet drive as well as the latest in hull muting.

Of course, the completion of an individual project does not mean that it will soon enter the service. The road to it is still very far and it will take a long time before it is built.

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