The conceptual nissan IDS meets the needs of the driver

At the Tokyo Motor Show, we had the opportunity to see many new models as well as concept cars. The latter category also includes the Nissan IDS, a futuristic vehicle equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

The Nissan IDS is a stand-alone electric vehicle that is not yet another electric vehicle. It’s a concept of the future, created specifically to adapt to the individual needs of the driver. Auto allows not only to drive in autonomous mode, allowing him to relax in the back seat, but if necessary, allows the driver to take full control, using the manual steering mode.

The manufacturer ensures that the vehicle matches the driving style and preferences of the driver. Knowing our day schedule, you can offer a departure time, set a route to reach a certain time, and even offer restaurants you can go to for dinner on the way.

The interior is of course very futuristic and filled with liquid crystal screens. There is no traditional steering wheel, but a lighter, more like the steering wheel of the iconic Knight Rider. Instruments and clocks replaced the display of the most important information. Interestingly, in autonomous mode, the steering wheel and dashboard are hiding, giving passengers more space and replacing them with a small tablet.

The most important information is shown on the head-up display, while the multimedia system is controlled by Artificial Intelligence controlled gestures and voice commands.

The Nissan IDS is powered by an electrically powered 60 kWh battery. Although the manufacturer does not give official coverage, but one can expect that on one load the car will pass some 480 km.

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