Wedding ruined by a drona

Unmanned airplanes should not be used by people who do not know how to fly. He saw a groom who drowned his dear guests during his wedding.

Drones can be very dangerous toys, especially if the pilot does not have the right skills but still tries to fly over people’s heads. Losing control is not uncommon, and then the gadget changes into a missile that can hit someone in the head.

This was just what happened at Barry Billcliff’s wedding in the American city of Windham. The man thought it would be a great idea to use an unmanned vessel to do wedding airplays. Apparently he overestimated his piloting skills because he landed on the faces of two women.

Kelly Eaton and Kneena Ellis suffered serious injuries. One of the women dron broke his nose, the other wounded his head so severely that it was necessary to put on the stitches.

Both women sued the groom, claiming compensation. Billcliff claims, however, that although the dron belonged to him, he did not control him and had no idea who did it, because there were many people at the wedding.

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